Backpacker’s Tips – Choosing a Place For the Night

Sleeping is really really important to backpackers. Why? Because we have great days ahead of us and we want to enjoy it with as much energy as we have.So, choosing a place to sleep is very important. Here are some tips that I use myself when I choose a place to sleep.Tip number 1 – Sleep on the roadTry your best to catch a night bus or a night train or a night flight. It will cost you more compare to a day bus,train or flight but the advantage of it is, you save on your accommodation and traveling time. Say a night train would cost you 68 dollars. A day train might cost you 48 dollars, a night in a hostel might cost you 10 to 15 dollars. You lose out, but you wake up on your new destination. So, you gain either way.Tip number 2 – Look before you payAs a customer, you have the right to choose and view the product before you pay. The same goes for a hostel room or a hotel room. In this internet age, we often book our hostels through the internet. The pages would normally be filled with fancy photos taken at special angle with a special camera, but what you get is almost not the same. So, it’s more important to look before you pay for the place.Tip number 3 – Always be ready for a night under the star and moonHostel full, Hotel full, so where do you go? Worst come to worst, you would get the most beautiful ceiling over your head for the night. So, remember to pack a sleeping bag into your backpack. Remember, get a good night sleep and enjoy the trip.For more backpacking tips or information of places around the world please visit my blog at Backpacking Tips